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Alternating-Current RC and RLC Circuits

PHY 201 & 231

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Based on Loyd #37. In this experiment, the students will meausre the voltage across each element in a series RC and a series LCR circuit. This is to show that in an RC circuit, the resistor voltage and the voltage across the capacitor are ninety degrees out of phase. From the measurements, the value of the capacitance of a capacitor in an RC circuits will be determined.


Name Location Quantity
Function Generators, Digital JE-105A-S63 1 per table
Compass, Drawing JE-105A-D95 2 per table
Multimeter, Digital, Sperry DM5300 - Battery JE-105A- D101 1 per table
Inductance, Decade Box (Model 22) JE-105A-S53 1 per table
Inductance, Decade Box (Model 32) JE-105A-S53 1 per table
Wire, Banana Patch Cords, Hookup Leads JE-Lab Rooms-ByChalkboard 6 per table
Oscilloscopes JE-105A-X1720,2326 1 per table
Connectors, BNC To Banana Plug JE-105A-S58 2 per table
Resistance, Decade Box (Central Scientific Co. Cat JE-105A-S47 1 per table
Protractor JE-105A-D90 2 per table
Clips, Alligator JE-105A-S58 2 per table
Capacitance Box (CENCO) JE-105A-S52 1 per table


Only two of the four inductance decade box models can be used in this experiment - models 22 and 32. Only one of these two models is needed for each table. If there are not enough Resistance Decade boxes (Central Scientific models), put out the Aerovox Decade Resistors model ARD-23.

The oscilloscope is not used in the Loyd lab setup. For the Loyd set up, put out a 1 micro-fahrrad capacitor.

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