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Hooke's Law/Spring Constant

PHY 100 & 103

Illustrates the mathematical relationship between the force exerted by a spring and the associated elongation of the spring. Students will investigate this result of elasticity by hanging successively greater weights on the spring and recording how far the spring stretches.


Name Location Quantity
Springs, 12" JE-105A-D58 1 per table
Weight Hangers, 100g JE-105A-D42, D43, D45 1 per table
Timer, - MyChron, Battery JE-105A-D62 1 per table
Meter Stick - 2.00m JE-105A-(105 Door-L) 1 per table
Clamp, Pendulum JE-105A-D65 1 per table
Masses, Slotted 100g In Back of JE-105, 107 & 109 2 per table
Masses, Slotted 500g In Back of JE-105, 107 & 109 2 per table


For each table, there should be two 100g masses, two 500g masses, and a 100g weight hanger. Make sure that the screws on the pendulum clamps go THROUGH one of the holes on the ends of the springs. Do not just place the spring over the knob of the screw. Screw the spring on so it cannot become dislodged with motion. The zero mark on the 2 meter sticks should be on the floor.

Make sure that the room has plenty of paper. Along with the initial apparatus set-up, supply a sufficient number of the appropriate paper procedure handouts for all of the lab sections that will use the set-up over the course of the week. Print the PDF, duplicate to double-sided pages, staple, and leave pile on instructor's table prior to first use of set-up.

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