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Simple Pendulum

PHY 100 & 103

The purpose of this experiment is to utilize the properties of pendulum oscillation to verify constants such as gravity. In this experiment, students will determine how the period of a pendulum is dependent only on the length of the pendulum and not the mass of the object.


Name Location Quantity
Pendulum Bobs (Balls) JE-105A-D92 1 per table
Timer, - MyChron, Battery JE-105A-D62 1 per table
String, Misc. JE-105A-S70,D70,D71 1 per table
Meter Stick - 2.00m JE-105A-(105 Door-L) 1 per table
Clamp, Pendulum JE-105A-D65 1 per table


The strings have to be at least 160 cm long. The pendulum bobs are the metal balls with eye hooks.

Make sure that the room has plenty of paper. Along with the initial apparatus set-up, supply a sufficient number of the appropriate paper procedure handouts for all of the lab sections that will use the set-up over the course of the week. Print the PDF, duplicate to double-sided pages, staple, and leave pile on instructor's table prior to first use of set-up.

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