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Uniformly Accelerated Motion on an Inclined Plane

PHY 200 & 230


Substitute for Loyd #4. A metal ball is rolled down an inclined plane, and from measurements of elapsed time and displacement, the acceleration of the ball and value for g are calculated.


Name Location Quantity
Balls, Metal - 2" JE-105A-S22 1 per table
Timer, - MyChron, Battery JE-105A-D62 1 per table
Tape, Masking JE-105A-D63 1 per table
Meter Stick - 2.00m JE-105A-(105 Door-L) 1 per table
Blocks, Small Wooden JE-105A-S20 4 per table
Laptops JE-107-109 wallsafe 1 per table
Balls, Metal - 1" JE-105A-S22 1 per table
Protractor JE-105A-D90 1 per table


IMPORTANT: See instructor or supervisor for choice of table as ramp or plank on rod! If using planks, see "Design Inclined Plane" PRC setup page for parts list. Do not use planks with the pulley's. (And, be very gentle with pulley planks if moving them to get other planks.) If using blocks under table legs, make certain that the two wood blocks are the same size. Two pairs of blocks are required.

This lab requires laptops. Computer distribution must be handled by instructor during class.

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