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Newtons Second Law: Wireless Carts on Track CBDA

PHY 200 & 230


Wireless Carts on with Force Sensors.


Name Location Quantity
Encoder Cart, Collision, Blue JE-105A-S142 1 per table
Encoder Cart, Collision, Green JE-105A-S142 1 per table
Force Sensor, Wireless, Encoder Cart JE-105A-S141 2 per table
Adjustable Feet, Encoder Track JE-105A-S143 2 per table
Pulleys, L-Clamp, Cart JE-105A-S144 1 per table
Adapter, USB to LabPro JE-105A-S161 1 per table
Adapters, Labpro Power JE-105A-S161 1 per table
Labpros JE-105A-S161 1 per table
Laptops JE-107-109 wallsafe 1 per table
Hooks, Small, Force Sensor, Cart JE-105A-S142-03 1 per table
String, Misc. JE-105A-S70,D70,D71 1 per table
Mass, Encoder Cart JE-105A-S142 4 per table
Fastener, Cart, Large JE-105A-S142-02 1 per table
Stoppers, Rubber, Force Sensor, Cart JE-105A-S142-03 1 per table


The Large Wireless Force Sensors work, but there are only 12, enough for 6 complete setups.
The small force sensors are on order as of 5/11/2018, but there should be enough for 12 setups.
This version of the experiment can only be done with weights up to a maximum of 500g.
There are two small screws on each cart, that must be removed to attach the Large Force Sensors. The Small ones need them to latch on.

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