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PHY 201 & 231


Students investigate electric charges with an electroscope and statically charged rods.


Name Location Quantity
Electroscopes JE-105A-S108 1 per table
Electrostatics - Fur JE-105A-X17 1 per table
Rod, Glass, Electrostatic JE-105A-X17 1 per table
Rod, Rubber, Electrostatic JE-105A-X17 1 per table
Balloon, 12" JE-105A-S50 1 per room
Electron Dissipation Demo JE-113A-DS63-930 1 per room
Lighters, Grill JE-105A-X17 1 per table
Silk Swaths JE-105A 1 per table
Van der Graaff Generator JE-105A-S107 1 per room


Ensure that each electroscope has a needle with a pin through the middle. Make sure this needle is properly set. Also check for missing needles during breakdown of the lab. Sandwich bags or balloons make good substitutes for silk.

The instructor will use the Van de Graaff generator, meterstick with foil, electron dissipation demo, big electroscope, box of balloons, and bag of packing peanuts for demonstrations.

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