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Circuits Lab 4

PHY 100


In this lab, we look at more complex circuits in an attempt to build a more complete and/or detailed model for electric circuits.


Name Location Quantity
Battery, D 1.5V JE-105A-S136,D100 3 per table
Holder, D-Battery, Single JE-105A-s136 3 per table
Holder, Light Bulb, Miniature JE-105A-S137 3 per table
Light Bulbs, Miniature #48 JE-105A-S137 8 per table
Wire, Copper, Insulated, #22 JE-105A-S137 5 per table
Holder, light bulb, 5 soldered together JE-105A-S137 1 per table
Switch, Momentary, Contact Key, Telegraph JE-105A-S137 1 per table


Make sure to put out the five light bulb holders soldered together (three in parallel in series with two parallel) and not the six soldered together. There should be one for each table. For Dr. Finch, add an Extech power supply, a couple banana wires, and an orange multimeter per table.

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