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Impulse and Momentum Change

PHY 230

The forces involved in collisions and explosions are not constant over time and they act very quickly. As a result, the forces involved in collisions and explosions can be hard to measure. Even when we do have a way to measure the forces, applying Newton's Second Law can be mathematically difficult for forces which are not well behaved mathematical functions. As a result, we need a new approach--an approach based on the idea of momentum.


Name Location Quantity
Adapter, USB to LabPro JE-105A-S161 1 per table
Adapters, Labpro Power JE-105A-S161 1 per table
Adjustable Feet, Dynamics Track JE-105A-S145 2 per table
Balance, Scale, Digital 1500g JE-105A-S123,123a, 130 1 per table
Cart, Collision JE-105A-S144 2 per table
Clamp, Lattice Rod JE-105A-D64 3 per table
Clay JE-105A-S150 1 per table
Elastic (Rubber) Bands (#84) JE 105A-S105(X-30) 1 per table
LabPro Adapter, Dynamics Track JE-105A-S135 1 per table
Labpros JE-105A-S161 1 per table
Laptops JE-107-109 wallsafe 1 per table
Level JE-105A-S119 1 per room
Masses, Slotted 500g In Back of JE-105, 107 & 109 1 per table
Rod, Metal MO-006A-DS8-430 1 per table
Sensors, Dual Range Force JE-105A-S145 1 per table
Sensors, Motion Detectors JE-105A-S160 1 per table
Track, Dynamics Cart System, Non-Encoder JE-105A-S146 1 per table


Instructor will take out laptops. Use the longer wood blocks, untape them if necessary. Use dynamics carts if there aren't enough collision carts; make sure one cart at each table has the force probe adapter. If there are not enough lattice rod clamps, v-hole clamps can be used. There is already a lattice rod attached to each table with one lattice rod clamp; ensure that the total number of clamps at each table is 3. Ensure rubber band is vertically aligned with the force probe tip. Ensure all tracks are level. Put rubber tips on the force probes, not hooks. Each table already has a balance.

Leave the bin of clay on the front table in the room.

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