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Equipotentials and Electric Fields

PHY 201 & 231


Loyd pre-lab 26 applies even though lab procedure does not. In this experiment, students will examine the relationship between equipotential surfaces and electric field lines in the region around several different electrode configurations. The objectives are: Determination of the location of equipotential surfaces in the region around oppositely charged electrodes by measurements made with a voltmeter. Investigation of the shape of the equipotential surfaces for several specific electrode arrangements. Construction of electric field lines from the measured equipotentials by drawing lines perpendicular to the equipotentials. Comparision of the experimentally determined shapes of electric field lines with several familiar electrode arrangements. Determiantion of the dependence of the magnitude of E on the distance r from a line of charge.


Name Location Quantity
Tray, Plastic Gridded JE-105A-S65 1 per table
Clips, Alligator JE-105A-S58 2 per table
Wire, Banana Patch Cords, Hookup Leads JE-Lab Rooms-ByChalkboard 3 per table
Electrode, Cylinder (Brass) JE-105A-S65 2 per table
Beaker, 1000ml - Pyrex JE-105A-S73 1 per table
Probe, Handheld Digital Multimeter JE-105A-X32 (on Wall) 2 per table
Multimeter, Digital, Sperry DM5300 - Battery JE-105A- D101 1 per table
Power Supply, Extech (Model #382213) JE-105A-X12/13 1 per table
Electrode, Plate (Brass) JE-105A-S65 2 per table
Ruler, Transparent, Flexible JE-105A-D90 2 per table
Protractor JE-105A-D90 2 per table


Put out the new, grey Extech power supplies.

If the lab is being instructed by Eric Anderson, he has a specific demo, the High Voltage Equipotential Demo, that he likes to conduct during his lecture. It is located in room JE-113A on shelf DS58 (its tag is DS58-245). It is a shirt box wrapped in plastic with a plug.

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