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Reflection & Refraction-Loyd

PHY 201 & 231


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Name Location Quantity
Compass, Drawing JE-105A-D95 1 per table
Optics set, lens & laser JE-105A-S3 1 per table
Prism, Equilateral, 60 deg, 38mm JE-105A-D13 1 per table
Protractor JE-105A-D90 2 per table
Ruler, Transparent, Flexible JE-105A-D90 1 per table
Paper JE-105,107,109 Drawers 4 per table


Only a laser, mirror, convex and concave lens should be put on each table. NOT the entire optics box. These items should be removed from the box, and then replaced following the lab. Extra paper should be available at the front of the room.

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