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Circuits Lab 1

PHY 100


Introductory lab on electric circuits and how light bulbs work. Begins development of understanding regarding current as indicated by bulb brightness when other factors are constant.


Name Location Quantity
Objects, Assorted, Elec Cond Test JE 105A - S135 1 per table
Battery, D 1.5V JE-105A-S136,D100 4 per table
Holder, D-Battery, Single JE-105A-s136 1 per table
Holder, Light Bulb, Miniature JE-105A-S137 1 per table
Light Bulbs, Miniature #48 JE-105A-S137 4 per table
Wire, Copper, Insulated, #22 JE-105A-S137 3 per table
Light Bulb (Base Cut Open) JE 105A-S137 10 per room
Switch, Momentary, Contact Key, Telegraph JE-105A-S137 1 per table
Multimeter, Digital, Extech EX420 - Battery JE-105A-D103 1 per room
Battery Tester JE-105A-D57 1 per room


Leave at least one DMM and one battery tester on teacher table for every electricity lab. Place one battery, light bulb, and wire in front of each seat. Leave the battery in the battery holder, light bulb in the light bulb holder, and bag of assorted objects one the end (or somewhere out of the way) of each desk. Place container containing large light bulbs with the base cut open on the front table (at least 10 so each group will have one to use, having additional bulbs available is ideal).

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