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Hydrogen Balmer Series



Students treat the Sodium emission doublet viewed through a grating spectroscope as known wavelengths and measure diffraction angles as precisely as possible in order to solve the diffraction equation for the grating spacing. Hydrogen spectral angles are then carefully measured and used along with the grating spacing to calculate the hydrogen spectral wavelengths.


Name Location Quantity
Light Sources JE-105A-D29 1 per room
Spectral Tube Power Supply JE-105A-S172 1 per room
Spectral Tubes, Hydrogen JE-105A-S172 1 per room
Spectrometer JE-113A-DS69-259 1 per room
0 per room


Cenco Sodium Vapor Light Source catalog #31205 Gaertner-Peck Spectrometer High-Voltage fixture with Hydrogen tube. Opaque, fire-resistant cloth Small desk lamp Control of room lighting.

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