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Density, Displacement, & Weight In Fluids

PHY 100 & 103


Students measure the mass and volume of four different objects and then calculate the density of each followed by a comparison to textbook values. The students will also find the weight of each object when completely submerged in water and compare this weight to the weight of the displaced water. Introduces density as well as providing background on buoyancy.


Name Location Quantity
Balance, Scale, Dual Pan 210g JE-105A-S123,S128,S131 1 per table
Eye Dropper (Pipet) JE-105A-S80 1 per table
Calipers, Dial JE-105A-D88 1 per table
Lab Jack JE-105A-S38 1 per table
Graduated Cylinders (50mL) JE-105A-S80 1 per table
Tape, Masking JE-105A-D63 1 per table
Bolt, Steel - 3 x 3/8 JE-105A-D59 1 per table
Ball, Golf JE-105A-S22 1 per table
Density Sample, Lead Sinker JE-105A-X32 1 per table
Beaker, 250mL, Plastic Tri-Pour JE105A-S79, S77 1 per table
Stoppers, Rubber - On a String JE-105A-X32 1 per table
Clips, Paper (Small) JE-105A-X29 1 per table


Notes: (1) Remove the large mounting rod from the tables and put them in the back room by the lab door. Replace them with the rods that fit most snugly into the mounting hole on the rear underside of the dual-pan balances.

(2) Mount dual pan balances on top of the rods that clamp onto the tables. (3) One small paper clip bent into a hanger must be hung on the cross-wire of the tuning fork shaped rod under the left side of each dual pan balance. Make sure to calibrate the balance to zero with the paper clip.

(4) Place on each table a golf ball and lead sinker along with a steel bolt and rubber cork that have string hangers already attached.

(5) The bolts and corks that are dedicated to this setup are located on a wall-mounted wire hanger between the doors to JE105 and 107 (JE-105A-X32, 105-Door) They have strings already attached. NOTE (FALL 2014): The small rubber stoppers with strings attached can be found in D86 if none/not enough are available in the former location.

(6) The lead sinker and the rubber stopper should fit inside the graduated cylinder. However, you can vary the size throughout the room.

Lab jack serves to raise beaker of water to surround object hanging from paper clip under pan balance.

Along with the initial apparatus set-up, supply a sufficient number of the appropriate paper procedure handouts for all of the lab sections that will use the set-up over the course of the week. Print the PDF, duplicate to double-sided pages, staple, and leave pile on instructor's table prior to first use of set-up.

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