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Buoyancy in Water

PHY 200 & 230

In this experiment, the buoyant force on a metal cylinder will be calculated and compared to the force due to excess pressure on the bottom of the cylinder. To calculate the buoyant force, the students will take the difference between the dry weight of the cylinder and the apparent weight of the cylinder. To obtain the apparent weight, the students will hang the cylinder from a scale into liquid. This reading will be the apparent weight.


Name Location Quantity
Balance, Scale, Digital 1500g JE-105A-S123,123a, 130 1 per table
Balance, Scale, Dual Pan 210g JE-105A-S123,S128,S131 1 per table
Bolt, Steel - 3 x 3/8 JE-105A-D59 1 per table
Calipers, Dial JE-105A-D88 1 per table
Cans, Overflow JE-105A-S34 1 per table
Clamp, Table JE-105A-D60 / D61 1 per table
Eye Dropper (Pipet) JE-105A-S80 1 per table
Graduated Cylinders (50mL) JE-105A-S80 1 per table
Lab Jack JE-105A-S38 1 per table
Clips, Paper (Large) JE-105A-X29 1 per room
Clips, Paper (Small) JE-105A-X29 1 per room
Rods, For Metal, Dual-Pan Balance JE-105A-OrBinNearCabinet 1 per table
Density Sample, Lead Sinker JE-105A-X32 1 per table
Stoppers, Rubber JE-105A-D84,86 1 per table
String, Misc. JE-105A-S70,D70,D71 1 per table
Tape, Masking JE-105A-D63 1 per table
Balls, Assorted MO-006A-DS9-415 1 per table
Density Sample, Metal Cylinder JE-105A-D73-7 1 per table


(1) Remove the large mounting rod from the tables and put them in the back room by the lab door. Replace them with the dual-pan balance metal rods. These rods must fit into the mounting hole on the backside of the balance. (2) Each dual pan balance must rest on top of the rods that clamp onto the table clamps. (3) One large paper clip must be hung on the lower rung of the tuning fork shaped rod under the left side of each dual pan balances. Make sure to calibrate the balance to zero with the paper clip. (4) Cut string to approximately 1 meter in length for each table. (5) Assorted masses for each table: golf ball, lead sinker, steel bolt, and black rubber stopper (without holes). (6) Obtain the steel bolts from location S79, bolts at that location are only used for this lab. (7) The lead sinker and the rubber stopper should fit inside the graduated cylinder. However, you should vary the size throughout the room. (8) Put out one box of each type of paper clip for the room.

There already should be a digital balance at each table. Make sure that the room has plenty of paper.

Don't forget to put out the large brown jug of alcohol. Also consult the Loyd manual procedure and supplies list for additional information.

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