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Oscilloscope Measurements

PHY 201 & 231

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Based on Loyd #38. In this experiment, students will be introduced to the fundamental principles and the practical operation of the oscilloscope. Signals from a function generator will be observed on the oscilloscope. The students will measure the voltage of waveform signals on both the oscilloscope and a digital multimeter and compare these values.


Name Location Quantity
Multimeter, Digital, Sperry DM5300 - Battery JE-105A- D101 1 per table
Wire, Banana Patch Cords, Hookup Leads JE-Lab Rooms-ByChalkboard 4 per table
Connectors, BNC To Banana Plug JE-105A-S58 2 per table
Oscilloscopes JE-105A-X1720,2326 1 per table
Function Generator (5 MHZ) JE-105A-S63 1 per table


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