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Centripetal Acceleration in Circular Motion (CENCO)

PHY 200 & 230

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Consult instructor for choice of multiple PDF handouts, including Loyd #16 and also called "Central Forces". The purpose of this experiment is to measure the centripetal force (Fc) on an object moving in a circle at a constant speed and to see how this force is proportional to the square of the radius. A centripetal force apparatus will be used.


Name Location Quantity
Tape, Masking JE-105A-D63 1 per table
Timer, - MyChron, Battery JE-105A-D62 1 per table
Weight Hangers, 50g JE-105A-D44 1 per table
String, Misc. JE-105A-S70,D70,D71 1 per table
Centripetal Force Apparatus (CENCO) JE-105A-S11 1 per table
Centripetal Force Accessories JE-105A-S11,S10,S41 1 per table
Meter Stick - 1.00m JE-105A-(105 Door), D98 1 per table
Ruler, Transparent, Flexible JE-105A-D90 1 per table
Clips, Paper (Small) JE-105A-X29 1 per table


Use the centripetal force apparatus found on shelves 11, 17, and 23. The string must be at least 0.85 meters when taut. Make sure the correct rods are being used for the setup of this lab. When setting up the apparatus, the string must be tied to a paper clip. This paper clip is then hooked to the bob on the apparatus. There is a bag with the label "Centripetal Force (CENCO) strings" that has the strings tied to the paper clips. This bag is found with the other centripetal force apparatus accessories.

Make sure that the room has plenty of paper and that each table has a ruler and a meter stick.

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