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Newton's Second Law: Cart on Track CBDA

PHY 200 & 230


Two carts on a dynamics track with force detectors, motion detector, LabPro and laptop.


Name Location Quantity
Adapter, USB to LabPro JE-105A-S161 1 per table
Adapters, Labpro Power JE-105A-S161 1 per table
Adapters, Labpro Serial JE-105A-S159 1 per table
Adjustable Feet, Dynamics Track JE-105A-S145 2 per table
Cart, Collision JE-105A-S145 2 per table
LabPro Adapter, Dynamics Track JE-105A-S135 2 per table
Labpros JE-105A-S161 1 per table
Laptops JE-107-109 wallsafe 1 per table
Masses, Slotted, 1 kg JE-105A-S76 1 per table
Pulleys, Black Clamp JE-105A-S145 1 per table
Sensors, Dual Range Force JE-105A-S144 2 per table
Sensors, Motion Detectors JE-105A-S160 1 per table
String, Misc. JE-105A-S70,D70,D71 1 per table
Track, Dynamics Cart System, Non-Encoder JE-105A-S146 1 per table


One 50 kg hooked mass, with string tied to hook. Two carts needed per table, both with force sensors. Track feet should be used to balance track, track pulley should be set up on end of track. LabPro Serial cable connects to the motion detector.

Laptops should be set up by instructor.

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